Makeup Workshop


How many people are there in the class?
Classes are limited to 8 people or 10 for parties and group bookings.

How often are the workshops held?
Every second weekend, usually on Saturday afternoons, sometimes Sundays.

How long does a workshop last?
One afternoon, approx 4 hours. In the summer we start at 2pm, but in winter we begin at 1pm as we lose natural light earlier.

What does the workshop cover?
The workshop usually concentrates on natural looking makeup, and covers everything from basic skincare to foundation, eye makeup, blusher, lip colours, bronzer etc. Occasionally we run special classes where we cover more of a fashion side of things.

Where does it take place?
At Daylight Studios in St Kilda. There is a spacious makeup room there with lots of natural light. There is plenty of parking, and we have a kitchen and toilets on site.

If I book out the whole session, can you do the class at a different venue, one of our choice?
I am happy to do this, but certain conditions need to be provided. Above all, we need plenty of good natural light.

Who is the class suitable for?
It is suitable both for women who want to update their look and for those who are learning to apply makeup for the first time.

Is this class suitable for those wanting a career in makeup?
The workshop is designed for personal makeup needs. Young makeup artists could benefit from it, but it is not designed  with makeup artists in mind.

Is it mostly young women attending the workshop?
No, it is actually mostly women between 30 and 70, although I had some young girls (the youngest so far was 13). The oldest person to join us was 87!

Do you do private tutorials?
Not at the moment. The demand for workshops has been high so it is hard to find time for one on one sessions. However, everybody gets some individual time during the workshop, whilst some of what we cover is general and concerns everyone. It is also beneficial being in a group as questions get asked that you might find interesting but hadn’t thought to ask. The groups are small enough to allow very personal approach.

Do you do workshops for teenage girls?
Yes there are workshops specifically aimed at teenagers.

Can I book out the whole session for a party?
Yes, absolutely. We have had a 50th Birthday party, a 40th, a 60th, a couple of hens parties and bridal parties. We usually get the champagne going for those!

Is it cheaper per person to do group bookings?
Yes, there are discounts for booking for two or more.

Do you sell products?
I have a basic range of products that I use in the class, but the workshop is not about selling, but education. I do provide references of what I use and where it is available. Products you can buy in the class are the ones not available elsewhere in Australia.

Are the products available for purchase on the day of the workshop?
Yes, what I have is available on the day.

Do you require a deposit for the class?
Yes, a deposit is required to secure your place.

How can I pay the deposit?
Internet transfer or cheque.

Do you do corporate functions?
Yes, I organize these on request and can do them at various locations.

In your workshop, do you teach us to work specifically with one product, or can we take away what we have learnt and use it with the cosmetics we already have?
You can use any products you like. I teach techniques that should work with a wide range of products.

Do you consider it worthwhile attending the course if we don’t buy the product?
Absolutely. A lot of people don’t buy anything at all. The workshop is about education, not shopping!

My skin is allergic to a lot of makeup, do you have products I might be able to use?
I use gentle and natural products where I can, without synthetics, petrochemicals, parabens or other nasties. These products are suitable even for sensitive skin.

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