many women buy a lot of cosmetic products that they hardly use or do not use at all. they either don’t have time or are not sure how to use them.

my workshop is aimed at educating you in simple, quick and effective techniques to help you look your best. i believe that when one looks at a face, one should notice the face, not the makeup. makeup should be there to enhance the face, not to cover it up. it should not attempt to cover and conceal and change a woman’s beauty. it should bring out it’s best features and make the most of it. it should be about harmony with life and nature.

i hope to simplify your beauty regime; demystify the confusion of make-up application; cut cost and time, and help you look your best. you don’t need a lot of products, you don’t need a lot of brushes, you don’t need a lot of time. it can be very simple!

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makeup tip

Highlight inner corners of your eyes: it’s an instant brightener! apply a creamy highlighter in a sideways vee, then blend with your finger for a soft glow.

makeup product

RMS Living Luminizer. It is magic. The ultimate highlighter. Achieve that healthy glowing look, without it being shiny, greasy or glittery. Oh, and it’s good for your skin. What more could you want?

skincare product

My favourite skincare product of the  month is the rose smoothing and protective moisturiser by MV Skincare

celebrity look

Michelle Williams at the Academy Awards 2012, looking natural, fresh and sophisticated.